Artistic Patio Design Tips

I’m going to give you a few style tips for your patio area.

In our area, there seems to be a general thought that all paver patios have to be curvy – or some type of organic shape. It seems that many people think of squares and rectangles as being “formal” in appearance.

While geometric shapes like these are common in “formal” gardens, there are many benefits to patios having more of a square layout. And, the landscaping can take on more of an informal appearance.

Think about the rooms in your home… What are they shaped like?

Look at your furniture… How is it laid out?

If you are planning on having a lot of furniture on your patio, it is a good idea to consider the furniture style when planning the patio.

Some sofa sets are completely round. These would fit perfectly in a more curved patio layout. However, if this type does not suit your taste, then look at more traditional layouts and plan your patio accordingly.

Square or Rectangular Patio Layouts:

  • · Provide more of a “room” feeling
  • · Make planning furniture and walking space layout easier (when well proportioned)
  • · Can be less expensive to build due to lower material & labor costs on simple layouts
  • · Do not have to be “bland” – Color and pattern options are available
  • · Integrate well with structures and outdoor kitchen areas
  • · Can have more than one level and/or pattern to change up the feel of a space
  • · Landscape beds can be made “curvy” to soften the edges of the area

Curved or Circular Patio Layouts:

  • · Create a sense of excitement in the garden
  • · Work nicely with round firepits so people can gather around the fire
  • · Can be costlier to build due to higher material & labor costs
  • · Color and pattern options are available for these too!
  • · Can look more artistic
  • · Work well with circular furniture styles
  • · Can have lots of wasted space if not planned properly (remember Wendy’s “We don’t cut corners”?) A square foot cut is a square foot lost!

Some of the more popular patio styles include a mix of circular or curved layouts along with square or rectangular ones.

Be on the lookout for a chance to see some of these mixed layout patio designs.

Many patio pavers are either square or rectangular in shape, but come in different sizes. Lots of interest can be added to your space if you mix two or three varying patterns and/or colors.

A very popular design element is the Circle Kit. This looks like a large medallion placed on your patio, and can make a stunning accent to the pavers.

Paver colors should contrast with or complement the colors of your house. Using pavers that are too similar in color can make the patio look bland. You can also try using a different colored border around (or through) the main patio surface. This can provide a “picture frame” effect – an elegant touch!

Your designer can help with color and style selections for your patio. As long as the finished patio looks like it belongs with your home. Ready to get started with your patio? Contact us today.