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Fort Mill Hillside Oasis

These sociable homeowners really wanted a nice place to host outdoor parties for their family, friends, and neighbors.



The existing deck could barely fit a small table with two chairs.


Since the entire rear yard was on a severe slope… a large retaining wall was out of the question.

There was a more gently sloped area next to the deck right past the end of the driveway. This would be almost ideal for a patio and firepit area. Little did they know just how unstable the soil was on the hill…



  • A master plan was created to include most of the things they wanted.
  • After consulting with an engineer that specialized in soil stability, there was a retaining wall added to support the hillside patio.
  • Since this area was going to be mostly level, the homeowners wanted a permanent firepit surrounded by a seating wall. They even got some LED Low-voltage Lighting built-in to the seating wall to add color to their late evening parties.
  • The new deck was divided into two separate outdoor living spaces on different levels to make it seem larger and to add interest.
  • The new deck steps were made to lead into a new paver sidewalk that now links the driveway to the patio area.
  • There was decorative rock added to prevent erosion and to allow for proper drainage of rain water.



What resulted was a 700+ square foot oasis for hosting awesome parties without feeling crowded… a usable backyard the homeowners are proud of… and an area that made the neighbors green with envy!