Planning Your Patio & Deck Area for Maximum Enjoyment

Your Patio & Deck Area…

An extension of your home that is almost like adding an extra room to your house.

When you start thinking about extending your deck or patio, there are a few things worth considering. Just think about the living room inside your home.

What types of furniture do you want for seating? How many coffee tables? How many end tables? Do you have a recliner? Will you want a chaise lounge or more? What about lighting?

This depends on how many people you plan on entertaining at one time, and how much furniture you want.

You will want to obtain the dimensions of each item you’ve selected for your patio or deck.

Then add an extra 3’ to each measurement to allow walking room.

[For example, an Adirondack chair can measure 4’ x 5’. Be sure to add an extra 3 feet to each dimension.]

This means you need a minimum space of 7’ x 8’ for ONE of these if you want to walk comfortably around it. 45 square feet suddenly becomes 56 square feet when you want walking room around your furniture.

NOTE: A typical 42 inch round patio table with 4 chairs needs a minimum space of 10 feet by 10 feet (100 square feet). This will allow for a fairly snug sitting space around the table with limited walking room.

Your patio or deck with one of these table sets will feel more open if you plan on a 13 feet by 13 feet (169 square foot) area.

Ready to get started with your patio? Our expert designers can help with the planning.