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There is nothing that adds ambiance to your outdoor living area like an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. The warm glow of the fire is comforting and creates a natural gathering spot for conversation among family or with your guests. At Benton Outdoor Living, we can help you determine whether an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit is right for your outdoor space. Then we'll plan, design and install your fire feature, either as a stand alone project or as part of a larger landscape design.

Fire Pits

Warmth on a cool Carolina autumn night, great conversations with family and friends and a feeling of peace under the open sky are just a few reasons fire pits are one of the most popular features in landscape design. Fire pits bring back happy memories of camping trips and cook outs past, while creating new memories to cherish. The round design of many fire pits creates a natural gathering and conversation spot, especially if it is built into a patio and includes furniture or seating areas. We'll design your fire pit around how you intend to use the space, discussing options such as gas-fired or wood-burning.

Outdoor Fireplaces

More formal than fire pits, outdoor fireplaces bring a more romantic ambiance to your outdoor living area. Outdoor fireplaces define the boundaries of an outdoor space bringing a coziness to outdoor living room or dining areas. Much like they do indoors, fireplaces create a focal point in your outdoor space, welcoming your guests to gather and sit nearby. We'll help you design an outdoor fireplace that will make your guests want to return and make you want to spend more of your time in your outdoor space.


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