Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

​Hardscapes create the outdoor spaces that we love, because they remind us of being indoors. Using stone, pavers or or brick, hardscaping defines outdoor rooms, provides seating, adds safety and creates beauty and interest to your yard.

Decorative Walls

Decorative walls add beauty while defining spaces. Stone and pavers can be used to create seating walls or define the edges of outdoor rooms or pathways,and match other elements of your landscape design while still providing functionality. Stone walls bring natural beauty to your space, while pavers can be used to match other landscaping features, like patios.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls make your outdoor living space more useful by altering the natural slopes of your yard. Retaining walls are particularly useful in hillside yards, where we can use them to terrace the land and create flat usable space for everything from patios to outdoor play areas for the kids. And with options, including stone and paver-like concrete stacking blocks, we can make the walls look like they belong in your yard.

Walkways and Paths

From stepping stones to paver or stone paths, walkways connect different parts of your landscape, much like a hallway in your home. In high foot traffic areas, a nice walkway provides visual appeal and safety.

Paver Driveways

Concrete may be the most common driveway material, but there are other more decorative and more durable options. From adding interest and walking space along the sides of your existing driveway to completely replacing concrete with a more beautiful option, we can help you transform your driveway.

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