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Benton Outdoor Living designs and installs yard drainage systems to give you more complete use of your outdoor living spaces. Proper drainage will give you back your outdoor spaces and also protects your investment in your home. Standing water can cause mold and mildew problems in crawl spaces and excessive water can damage your foundation. Too much moisture caused by drainage problems can also have a negative impact on your landscaping plants.

Time to Fix Your Drainage Problem 

Whether you've been experiencing drainage problems for years or a large rainfall has left your yard a soggy mess, we can help you get peace of mind and reclaim your outdoor space. At Benton Outdoor Living, we've got the solutions for all of your rain water drainage concerns. Leave it to us to assess why water stands in your yard for two days after a rain and we will create the ideal solution to your problem.

French Drain Installation

We use French Drains regularly to keep ground and surface water away from home foundations or when building retaining walls. French drains are simply a ditch filled with gravel or rock and pipes to collect excess water and move it to an area where it won't cause damage. This is a very efficient drainage system that can make a huge difference in protecting your home's foundation from standing water and drying out your yard so it is usable. Depending on the location or need, downspouts may be tied into the french drain to further reduce excess water in the area.

Other Landscaping Drainage Systems

Depending on what your exact drainage problem is, we might use a variety of techniques to improve the drainage in your yard. To determine the correct approach to correcting drainage problems in your yard, we'll come out and take a look at your yard, then propose a solution.

Corrugated Drain Pipe
This a Pop-up. It covers the end of your drain pipe - keeping small animals out.
A Pop-up cover opens when water is flowing through the pipe, and closes when it stops.
Extending downspouts away from your home's foundation help to reduce moisture issues.